Thursday, January 26, 2012


Fiesta, a new Western Region Oddball baby blanket, should be bright-colored if the other knitters pull colors from this first section.

I used the empty needles from Nature to start this full-sized blanket. While it is difficult to make out, I used the Box stitch.

Update: June 2012


  1. With the large variety of colors in the first section, this should be an easy one to add to.

  2. Wow....Fiesta indeed! Such a perfect word match for these colors.

  3. That was the very first yarn I ever knit with. LOL

    That will make a very cheery blanket.

  4. Neat! Wonder what color comes next?

  5. Oh I LOVE the colors. Fiesta will be awesome. Maybe a baby with a southwest history or hispanic family history will get this one!

  6. so - do you send it on with needles in it? Or do you put live stitches on waste yarn? And do they end with you as they have begun with you? g

  7. Lucky you picking the starting color and name :) Will be fun to see the blanket all finished!


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