Monday, January 9, 2012

American Potpourri

As I straightened my sewing room over New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, I found a lot of red, white, and blue scraps from previous Quilts of Valor. American Potpourri was created out of those scraps.

American Potpourri
Quilt of Valor 
60 x 69 inches

Update: May 26, 2012

Alycia posted this quilt on her blog today. It should be wrapped around a hero soon.

Update: July 21, 2012

How exciting to see the following photo on Alycia's blog this morning. Do you recognize the quilt?

Yes, that's actually American Potpourri wrapped around the soldier. The photo made me very happy. Thank you, Alycia for sharing this moment. 

American Potpourri's recipient
July 2012


  1. LOVE IT! I think it is maybe the best one of all.....

  2. STUNNING. Wow. Is that totally your own design?

  3. You're fast! Nice arrangement of squares.

  4. This is a great quilt.
    I'm saving your idea for my RWB fabrics.

  5. Wonderful quilt, and it is almost a "freebie" since it is from left-overs.

  6. Beautiful! Great use of your orphan blocks.

  7. Really? YOU did this already with scraps?? You are amazing Nancy

  8. I would love to accept your challenge to donate 1 quilt a month to Alycia... but I know I can't keep up. I haven't been able to even put together the quilt I've promised to her. This one is great. I think part of my problem (among many others!) is I really can't seem to keep reds in my stash and of the piles of blue I have very few are dark/navy. I do know when I straightened part of the studio I found a lot of odd ball red, white and blue blocks around so I will try to pull that together when I finish the other quilt for QOV. Mayhaps that will get me moving!


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