Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wildlife Art

by Nancy Glazier
Oil painting on Belgian Linen
The National Wildlife Art Museum in Jackson is filled with dynamic paintings, among which were two, realistic, bison paintings that appear to be photographs.

by Robert Bateman
Acrylic on Canvas
Staring down an open corridor between galleries, "Chief" (a life-size painting) commands the viewer to stop and study the detail. A plaque on the side states that Bateman spent many hours studying bison in the field. Bateman is quoted, "I was after a dynamic shift, when the life-hand side of the picture is the place where the subject originates. It's like an oncoming locomotive. The tension increases as you move from left to right. This particular guy is at Elk Island Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada."

You can take a virtual tour of the museum here.


  1. WOW! These two paiting are awesome:)Thanks for sharing.

  2. I definitely would have assumed they were photographs had you not told us. Amazing talent!

  3. As one who cannot even draw a decent stick figure, I am amazed...

  4. Beautiful paintings! They remind me of the horses in the field behind our house. They come out of the morning fog and surprise me with their beauty.

  5. wow, Chief is imposing...amazing and thanks for sharing the link

  6. Awesome...very realistic looking.= :)

  7. Amazing...and Chief is so close to home!:) I never knew!


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