Friday, January 27, 2012

Foreign Friday

Outdoor Market
Tokyo, Japan
Spring 1980
I loved shopping in Japan, especially in Tokyo's bustling, outdoor markets where the stores were packed with interesting items. These markets were open long into the evening.

Since I served on the Overseas Education Association (OEA) board, I was fortunate to visit Tokyo several times for meetings during my two years in Japan. Trains did not travel from Misawa to Tokyo while I was in Japan, so the OEA representatives from Misawa flew stand-by on the military transports.


  1. The outdoor market is very colorful and festive looking.

  2. Looks so cheerful! Bet you could find some great things there.

  3. How very interesting it must of been. The market looks much like the ones in Mexico. 'Just a little bit of everything.

    I'm happy ya got the opportunity to travel there.

    God bless and have a great weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  4. What I loved about Tokyo was the night lights! It is lit up like you see in the movies.

  5. I love markets! I can't remember visiting one when I was there?

  6. So much color and activity! I've never been to an outdoor market, but it reminds me of the Reading Terminal in Philly. I had a ball there, especially since our conference had it to ourselves on evening.

  7. I see see why you loved to shop in Japan :)


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