Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What An Invention!

I'm going to resist purchasing this product, but if you want a Fat Magnet, you can order one on this site.

Sometimes, I wonder why such devices are sold, and then I remember the quote often attributed to P.T. Barnum, "There's a sucker born every minute."

Barnum, however, never did say that phrase. The story behind the quote and the one who actually said it can be found here.


  1. No Fat Magnet for me. That's a really interesting story about the origin of the quote.

  2. Always educational. I love trivia!

  3. I AM a fat magnet. I don't need to buy one. Thanks for a good laugh!

  4. I'm waiting for them to invent the fat magnet that just sucks it out of your body through the skin... Now THAT one I would buy! Instant liposuctionn.

  5. And yes,,,,,,,, I DO know how to spell LIPOSUCTION! I obviously fat-fingered the N key, but there was no calling it back after hitting the enter key. I wonder if my dream of a body fat magnet could change my FAT-finger into a TRIM-finger and I would stop making such mistakes? One can only dream!

  6. Oh my - it's fun to remember some of these products. It will probably make a million $$$$.

    Every morning I laughingly remember the "tongue brush" ... and as soon as I think it a ridiculous product, someone will say they LOVE it! LOL Lately I'm hearing about a product that is used to clean your wash machine. Uhhh, what????

  7. Hahaha... I'll take 2!!! Do you think if I wave it over my hips it will soak up the fat from there too...LOL
    Oh Nancy... how DO you find these things :-)

  8. Now that is too funny!! Who thinks of these things??


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