Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bluebell Baby Surprise Jacket

I acquired this Bernat Baby Jacquard yarn when I was in Denver. It was supposed to knit with small, orange flowers, but obviously that didn't happen on this Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman.

The sweater was knit on size 6 needles, using one ball of Bernat Baby Jacquard (Bluebell #06201). It will be finished when I add the turquoise buttons.

I knit this sweater for Marilyn's "grandmother boxes" - bins for her grandchildren filled with handmade items - embroidered tea towels, quilts, pillowcases, etc.


  1. That is SOOOOO CUTE!!! Love the stripes. Would you please share the source of your pattern?


  2. It turned out really cute! I guess the stitch count has to be just right to get for the flowers to show.

  3. It's adorable Nancy, even though the flowers did not turn out right. Baby Surprise still surprises me even though I have made it. It's a cool pattern!

  4. I love that baby sweater/jacket. I can't believe I have never knit one. I must try it!

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT. THANKS. Now I have to get busy on my part of the bargain. LOL

  6. What a cute pattern. Now, do I buy it or not. Found it at

    do I get the baby version or the baby, child and adult version? And, do I have yarn upstairs I could use for it? Hum.... decisions, decisions. And to think I just bought a cute hoodie pattern... what to do, what to do. Thanks for sharing. B.

  7. That yarn is so much fun to knit with! I love how that sweater turned out!!!!!

  8. Such an adorable sweater. I love that pattern :)


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