Monday, September 26, 2011

Have You Noticed?

I found a handful of shiny pennies in my coin purse last week and was surprised to see some distinctive changes in this familiar coin.

The Lincoln Memorial was replaced by the Union Shield in 2010, according to Wikipedia. The coin is also much lighter than others in my purse: it feels almost like play money.

Many people think of the penny as being worthless and carelessly toss them around. I love pennies and eagerly stoop to pick one up when I see it on the ground; after all, it's good luck to find one "heads-up." Because so many people dismiss the penny's worth, the perfect fund-rasier is a Penny Drive, asking people to donate pennies from their purse or pocket to a specific cause.

I often wonder how many pennies are out of circulation because they are being saved in large glass jars for no real reason.

I have some older coins - a couple Indian-head pennies, some wheat cents, and now some Lincoln Memorial pennies.

Have you seen any of these Lincoln Bicentennial pennies? I haven't seen them, but then I just noticed the Union Shield penny.


  1. I haven't seen that one yet. I find it confusing that they are changing the look of the money so often, though. I probably wouldn't recognize a counterfeit bill, if I got one. I'd just assume it was a new design.

  2. Changes, changes always changes and I can't help but think they are not in our best interest.

  3. I have seen the new shield design, only because the Knight still uses a lot of cash/coin and he made a point of showing me. Hem.

  4. I don't know what I think about that! What was wrong with the Lincoln Memorial?

    I am made uncomfortable by all the changes in U.S. money. I guess it's a sign of aging! I really don't accept change well.

  5. Well being from Canada... it's all new to me. Hubby is a penny picker and loves collecting coins!


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