Tuesday, September 20, 2011

American Valor

Marilyn and I saw a finished American Valor quilt hanging in a Parker, CO quilt shop and decided we wanted to make one.

The quilt will be easy to assemble from the kit, I ordered online. The center is a panel, and the stripes shown with the pieced stars are printed on the fabric.

The fabric on the bottom of the pile will be used as the backing.

Besides the kit, I ordered two extra center panels to make Quilts of Valor, and I will use some of the Clearance fabric shown in yesterday's post for the stripes and pieced stars.

The pattern for American Valor is free online.

You can see the fabric included in the kit here. I purchased the kit from the fabric designer, Nancy Rink (this was the most reasonable price I found) and the extra panels and the backing fabric from Hancocks of Paducah because the price was right. Please note, the Hancocks' order form asks for the number of "half yards" desired, so don't forget to figure how many "half yards" make up the total yardage needed.


  1. I like that pattern. It will be interesting to see the differences in each quilt.

  2. The Knight would love that. And a kit? Good to know, should I ever learn to sew or quilt...

  3. With it being a kit you will have it finished before the postage dries:) Like the finished project.

  4. I so like this pattern... I have to go get the pattern from the web site. Thanks for sharing.

    53 yards of fabric? Really? At one time? I'm so impressed! And, I know you'll use it all up too. I've got a quilt for something like Quilts of Valor going but I think I'll wait until mid-October to get the backing for it. I'm going to a huge quilt store in NC then. Hope to buy several backings while I'm there.


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