Friday, September 30, 2011

Foreign Friday

Kumamoto Castle entry and walls
Kumamoto, Japan
April 1980

The signature curved stone walls, known as musha-gaeshi, surrounding the castle were designed to prevent attackers from penetrating the castle. "Musha-gaeshi" literally means repelling warriors. Also notice the stone steps in the foreground which lead to the castle sitting on the hilltop.

On my way up to the castle, I was drawn to the contrast between the delicate blossoms and the unyielding stone wall.

I wonder how many warriors walked up these steps in the 400 years the castle was inhabited.


  1. I must have taken a long time to build such a formidable fortress.

  2. Wow...can you just see them walking up those steps!!

  3. It is a stark contrast. I too wonder about those who have trod the same "ground" over the centuries... I think that a lot as I drive through the various battlefields and such around here.

  4. Nancy I love your foreign fridays! I too am drawn to the life of the vine and the stones contrasting.


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