Monday, September 20, 2010

While the Iron is Hot

After finishing Sand Boxes, I decided to keep my momentum and "strike while the iron is hot."

In May, I purchased the fabric, featured above, specifically for a Quilt of Valor, but I could not decide on a pattern. Then Mary Johnson posted a new pattern that I knew would be perfect. I have three more blocks to make and then the top can be assembled.

Mary calls this pattern Tessellating Pinwheels, and the blocks are a dream to make. After working with 2.5 inch half-square triangles of Sand Boxes for over a year, I'm in love with the large pieces in this pattern and how easy it is to make the blocks. Mary has several patterns listed in the left column of Mary Quilts: check them out.

I've named this quilt, In the Wind.


  1. That looks really neat! I know some soldier will really appreciate your quilt.


  2. I can tell that you really like this one because of how fast it's going together. The fabric is perfect for a Quilt of Valor.

  3. It is beautiful. Isn't it wonderful to get that momentum going?

  4. This one is wonderful too..someone will be thinking of their Grandmother for sure..what comforting thoughts when you are so far away from home! :)


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