Saturday, September 4, 2010

What Were They Thinking?

When I purchased my new computer, I also purchased the 2010 version of Hoyle Card Games. I had earlier versions and loved playing all the game varieties. This version's box states it is "New & Improved" with large, easy-to-read cards. This "improved" version is a nightmare, and the cards are anything but large and easy-to-read. Check out the screen for Spider Solitaire below. Now, I may be senile, but those cards don't look very large to me, but my don't they look cute on that beach towel. The designers must have thought people buy a computer card game for eye candy.

You can select different "tables" on which to play, but note how small the cards are and how much of the screen is wasted. This is the "Beach," but I can also play cards

in the Garage or 

in the Mansion,

in the Kid's Room, or six other fabulous locations. 

It is impossible to turn off this feature and to make the cards larger. In the lower left corner, the game has a running commentary (probably for the hearing impaired), but again this feature cannot be turned off to make the playing area larger. 

I have always liked Hoyle Card Games (this is the third version I've owned), but in my opinion, the designers forgot that users purchase the game to play CARDS, not to be impressed with eye candy. The 2010 version of Hoyle Card Games has definitely missed the mark: save your money.


  1. Thanks for the warning--sometimes those softwares sound so tempting

  2. I don't know if this will help, but my basic Solitaire cards are very small on my "old" computer (8 years old) -- I think it has something to do with Screen Resolution on my part -- maybe that's something to do with the small cards on your computer. ???

  3. I'm thinking the designers are getting younger (with very young eyes... unlike my pathetic, crummy old eyes..) and they like all that cutesy stuff. What can you do to a solitaire game to jazz it up and sell more copies? Put it on a beach, garage, etc. Maybe it is time to look for freeware or shareware?

  4. I know just how you feel. I STILL miss my original E-games Mahjong. It won't play on anything past Windows95 :(

    These new games...they were so busy thinking they could, they forgot to think if they should...

  5. I still like to play solitaire the old fashioned way--with a regular, easy-to-read, just the size deck of cards.

  6. I meant "just-the-right-size deck of cards," but maybe you figured that out.

  7. Thanks for the warning-and the pictures. Makes me not want it for sure.


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