Thursday, September 23, 2010

In the Wind

In the Wind was finished yesterday. To meet the Quilt of Valor requirements, I increased the border sizes: the white one was cut 3.5 inches; the red, 5.5 inches. In the Wind measures 56.5 x 72.5.

Now, I'll prepare the backing, binding, label, and presentation case.

This has been such a fun quilt to make. Mary, thank you for the pattern.


  1. That look SOOO neat, Nancy! I love the movement of the pattern with the 2 different sizes of pinwheels.


  2. It turned out wonderful. Great work :)

  3. I've seen this pattern so many times and wondered what was the bit ppeal?? dorky me, I just noticed how clever the pinwheels are where they meet. Ya learn sumpthin' new every day! Cute quilt.

  4. What a perfect backing! I like sand boxes too, you come up with nice names for your quilts. When I try to get creative I always forget what I've called something so I stick to color and block description type names now.


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