Thursday, September 30, 2010

Highway Bling

Saturday, on the way to the High Country we encountered an unusual sight - Highway Bling.

Cruising down the highway in front of us, the pickup was shimmering, emitting bursts of light. As we grew closer, it intrigued us: what could this man be hauling in the bed of the pickup that glittered so much.

We passed the vehicle and our mouths gaped. Surely we did not see a blinged-out pickup. The vehicle pulled over at the Red Rocks, so we turned around and asked the driver if we could photograph his truck.

The guy obviously spent a lot of time adding some personality to his truck - even the wheel wells were blinged out.  Look at the size of those tires!

Needless to say, this truck started our day with lots of laughs, and we were glad that he pulled over so we could turn around to get some pictures.

Have you ever seen so much bling on the highway?


  1. I have seen this truck many times parked at the community college in Powell. Always makes me laugh.

  2. I am inpressed but even more with the "girls" that asked him to pull over for pictures:)I am sure you made his day.

  3. Oh, my! He must get lots of attention in that truck.


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