Monday, September 13, 2010

Scrubbed Mission

It's Christmas-knitting time! When I cleaned off the cutting table last week, I found a roll of tulle that I've been meaning to cut in half to make scrubbies. After a few nights of knitting while watching television, I finished 12 tulle scrubbies - all from one large roll of tulle.

Using odd bits of cotton yarn remaining from other projects, I knit 6 cotton scrubbies, which will be paired with a tulle one for a simple gift for friends and neighbors. Eventually, I'll knit six more cotton scrubbies.

The scrubbies were made using this pattern, called Dish Cloth Duo. I used a size 11 needle for the tulle scrubbies and followed the pattern; however, for the cotton ones, I used a 9 needle and cast on 22 stitches instead the 18 suggested in the pattern.

More information on where to find tulle, how to cut it, and how to create the scrubbies can be found on this earlier post.


  1. These will make great little gifts!

  2. These are neat.....I think you got your groove back:)

  3. How did I miss that pattern? I love those scrubbies and I just happen to have a rather large hunk of nylon netting!

  4. These are cute! Look like little rosettes! I also loved your scrap quilt and the baby cocoon.
    I read your purses post, and I was thinking back to high school days. I had several box purses that I loved, and one authentic Enid Collins purse - "Glamour Puss." Wish I still had it!

  5. They do make good scrubbers. I save
    and recycle onion bags
    and do the same sort of thing...waste not want not ;)
    happy knitting :)

  6. I have really been into making my own scrubbies and dishrags. After a trip to Oregon to visit family I counted 12 dishrags that I had made here and there. Its just a simple fast crochet pattern, but I love the feel and size. I shared with my girls. I have made this scrubbie but in crochet. Ill have to try the knit one. Linda


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