Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Climate Change

It's difficult for me to determine just when I first felt the change. Did it start several years ago when the increasing negative political ads were so popular during the election flurry? Was it the frequent scandals (affairs, corruption, lies, incompetence) of our elected officials? Was it Hurricane Katrina? Despite its origin, the political climate of this country has become a cesspool, and even more sadly, it is contagious. 

Have you noticed the atmosphere of hate that is enveloping the country? Some may say it is more visible because of the media, the internet, the wide use of technology, yet paranoia and hatred are running rampant throughout the country not just in the cities but also in the smallest communities and even in the classroom. The country is imploding, and sadly many don't even see it because they are too caught up in the movement.

We must stop this trend. Every citizen from the youngest to the oldest has a role to play in this challenge. It is virtually impossible to agree all of the time; however, it is time to stop shouting at each other, time to stop pointing fingers, time to take responsibility, time to listen, time to compromise, and  time to look past personal gain and seek the greater good because the alternative is not very pleasant.


  1. I agree. We've forgotten how to use our good manners and to treat one another with respect. The problem may not have started with 24 hour news channels, but they sure keep the pot stirred.

  2. I totally agree, Nancy. Fortunately, God has placed me in a classroom where I am seeing a different perspective. My eyes are being opened, and I am being challenged to love despite the differences I see.

    Thanks for commenting on my student's blog. My kids are THRILLED that people are reading what they are writing. Here's another blog for you to read (and it goes along with your post): http://mlbstyl.edublogs.org/

  3. right? i hate, loathe, discontent. let's all be happy, let's all be friends.

  4. i pray things change for the better..


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