Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Carrying On

I can't begin to count all of the purses I've own or carried over the years. As a child, I remember playing with old pocket books, the perfect container for precious toys and play money.

An ugly, white wicker purse with a adjustable chain handle accompanied me through my junior year in high school. It was so large that it would not fit into my locker, so I dragged it everywhere. I snagged many pairs of nylons on that bag. I must have thought it was stylish; now I think it was pretty ugly.

I've carried bags made of cloth, nylon, string, leather, and vinyl. Shoulder bags are by far my favorite, but I've used clutches, and purses with handles of leather, chain, or cloth. I even owned black and white beaded evening purses, but I only remember using one of them at a prom I was chaperoning and then I put it in the closet. I wonder if it is still there.

I've never owned a designer purse, and I don't bother matching my purse to my shoes. My purse is always a neutral color (beige, black, or gray - pretty boring, huh?) and usually lasts about five years. My most expensive purse was leather, and I used it for over eight years. I think I still have it somewhere.

My handbag usually contains a camera, checkbook, cash, credit cards, lip balm, pens, phone, tooth picks, address labels, emergency cash tucked in a hard-to-get area, extra car key, medication, handkerchief, license, antacids, sanitizer, and some other odd bits. Of course, I could probably pare this down to one wallet, but it is hard to break a habit.

When I was using oxygen, my purse was retired because I simply could not manage a purse and oxygen tank. I purchased an elongated wallet and rigged my oxygen bag with a strap to accommodate the wallet. I used that for nearly five years.

Large purses with rhinestones are very popular now; however, they remind me of the clunky, white wicker bag from my youth. These days, I prefer to carry a compact purse, a shoulder bag, which can convert into a fanny pack.

What do you call the bag that you carry?
•  pocketbook
•  purse
•  handbag
•  tote
•  other


  1. Believe it or not, I currently carry a backpack. Inside: small zippered bag that holds the sanitizer, lip balm, bobby pins, 2 thumb drives, glasses cleaner cloth, etc. Then there is the wallet, water bottle, knitting bag, camera, 2 sets of keys, tissues, iPod (for music and audiobooks), my calendar.

  2. I prefer a good quality leather purse. And I like for it to have a long shoulder strap, so I can wear it hands-free when needed. I'll spend a lot of money on a purse, but I use it for many years. Leather develops character over time, up to a point. And I've finally reached that point with the purse I have now. I've asked for a new one for my birthday.

    My grandmother always referred to her purse as a pocketbook, so I think of her when I hear that word.

  3. I call it a purse..I love them but don't buy many any more...try to keep them small so I won't load them up.

  4. I carry whatever I have to carry. I hate purses but have to use one for all my junk. One day I will get rid of them all and just stay home and quilt all day :)

  5. How about macrame? I made 20 of them one Christmas, and my mother's (age 95) is STILL using it, and it looks almost quite new and modern! That polypropalene (sp?) was indestrictible! Wish I still had mine. 8-)))

  6. a purse! I like mine with a strap long enough to hang on my shoulder. purses hanging on the end of my arm make my shoulder and arm ache.


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