Thursday, May 28, 2009

Successful Gathering

Yesterday was busy and left me tired, but it was very fulfilling. The Pulmonary Hypertension Support Group that I lead covers the whole state, but distance prevents many of the patients in the southeastern corner from attending the meetings held in the center of the state. Several months ago, I began planning yesterday's meeting, and if the attendance at the meeting is any indication of the need, then I am glad that I did.

Many of the nine Cheyenne PH patients hadn't met previously, so in that respect, the meeting was a success. In addition to that, the program provided them with the latest information on Pulmonary Hypertension and its treatments. Everyone left with an full stomach, a packet of goodies, some new friends, and some helpful information. I consider that a successful day.


  1. I'm sure they were grateful for the information you provided and the connections they made to others suffering from PH.

  2. a success for you...That is awesome:)) Looks like you all had a great time..Good for you and all the other PHers:))

    Hugs:)) thx for doing a great job ...

  3. As you well know I have been gone for a few days so had some catching up to do on the blogs...all I can say is "Thank you for touching our lives".

  4. Congratulations on all aspects of this day!

  5. Not like you to not post for so long..hope all is okay...

  6. You left a comment on my site so know you are okay but sure miss your posts..............


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