Saturday, May 23, 2009

Show & Tell

My sister and her husband spent Tuesday through Friday at my house, and we had a lot of fun - visiting, eating out, gambling, and quilting.
A local long-arm quilter had Marilyn's Crown Royal quilt ready, so Marilyn spent the evenings tacking the binding while watching the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Lakers play in the NBA playoffs.
The photo, taken before the binding was completely tacked down, gives you some idea of how stunning this quilt really is. She used 156 Crown Royal bags (the bags make up one of the arrows in the Hunter's Star pattern) that a friend of her husband had collected. The man commissioned Marilyn to make the King-sized quilt.

The black blocks in the corner are also Crown Royal bags, but they are velvet.

Update: I've had several people ask questions about the quilt, so I asked my sister to provide specific information about how she made it. Here is what she said, "The CR block is 8 inches finished. The square that has the CR name is 4 inches finished. When cutting the square with the CR if I couldn’t get a 4 ½ in square, I sewed a piece on to make it 4 ½ in square. I had 5 different sized bags when I started so some I couldn’t get the 4 ½ in square so that is why I added. There are four 2-inch finished HST in each 8 inch finished block and one 4-inch finished background square. It is the Hunter Star pattern, but I used HST triangles instead of the original Hunter Star Pattern. I used two fabrics plus fabric in the bag. Hope this helps."


  1. I'm glad you had a lot of fun with your sister and BIL! And that quilt as absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. the quilt is breath-taking!

  3. The quilt is exquisite!

    How fun to have family visiting, especially when they have similar likes! :-)

  4. This quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Can you tell me what size are the squares cut from the Crown Royal bags? Thank you.

  5. I am starting a CR quilt and looking at all the different designs others have done and I must say, yours is the prettiest. I am in Wy. also.
    Thanks for sharing your quilt.

  6. I am in the planning stage of a CR quilt . What are the measurement of your pieces and block size. I have seen a lot of these but yours if by far the best one i've seen

  7. My sister has been giving me Crown Royal bags for two years or so and begging me to make her a quilt from them...I love how yours turned out and may just have to do one like this!

  8. Looks great! I've completed one Crown Royal quilt and am currently working on a 2nd. It's beautiful!

  9. would you please tell me the measurements of the hunters star quilt that is just beautiful!


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