Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Play Away Books

Audio books make reading and knitting simultaneous activities, and I discovered a new option at the library: Play Away books. The books are preloaded on small mp3 players. I just needed to plug in my own headphones or portable speakers.

I listened to Bleeding Hearts while working on the cropped cardigan and a baby blanket. I liked the convenience of the preloaded book, but I prefer to use my iPod Shuffle. The Play Away can be paused but turns itself off if left unattended. It did not resume where I left off when I turned it back on; thus, forcing me to search for the proper chapter. When its battery gets low, but not dead, the Play Away will suddenly stop. Despite the frustrations, these Play Away players would be great for someone who does not own their own mp3 player, or someone who does not have the capability to download their own books.


  1. Nancy: Interesting to hear your comments on the Play Away. I was an elementary school librarian and considered them but thought they were sooo expensive for a limited budget. What were they thinking of if they don't start up where you stopped? Insane.

  2. Oh this is a new idea for me. Great cost saver as well. Thanks!

  3. I was looking at your list of finished items the other day and wondered if you need any more cloth calendars to make bags. I have several here that belonged to my Mother. They hung on the wall and she always hung the new one on top of the older ones!If you can use them, I would rather give them to you than have them languish in a drawer. Sarita sboyette@tx.rr.com


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