Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oasis of Hope

These two Bereavement Gowns (micro preemie and preemie size) & bonnets are for the All Crafts for Charity project for the month of May. I used this pattern. Layettes will be prepared from the items donated and then presented to the Oasis of Hope - Babyland Shelby County Medical Center. You can read about the Center and the Oasis of Hope program here.

I also made a preemie blanket for the project.


  1. Nancy you are so generous with your time.

  2. Oh goodness! Your dedication to charity projects never fails to amaze me. All of your newest projects are simply breathtaking.

  3. How sweet you are, Nancy. And there is such a need for this. I lost a preemie daughter myself in 1974. It would have helped my healing so much if there had been someone who had handed me a dress and bonnet for her.But women then were not encouraged to grieve their babies, at least where I lived.
    Blessings, Sarita

  4. Nancy, I just went back and read the heartbreaking story of the babies in Memphis.God bless you many times over for helping them.

  5. These gowns will be a blessing in a time of sorrow.

    What pattern did you use for the bonnets?

  6. do they need baby hats for the babies that do go home?
    lovely work you do..

  7. All so very very beautiful. Great charity knitting. You really give a piece of yourself to the work.


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