Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bear Paw Preparation

My sister gave me a kit for a Bear Paw quilt several years ago after I purchased a new sewing machine. This week Marilyn (my sister) found the kit stuffed in a drawer and encouraged me to begin working on it.

We both cut and prepared the fabric for half-square triangles (HSTs). Years ago, I purchased a roll of Thangles, so we used them to make the HSTs more accurate. Thangles are paper marked with sewing and cutting lines (shown in the lower left in the photo). I made a lot of progress on the HSTs, but I still have a lot more to sew, press, and trim.


  1. Happy sewing..
    Have a joyful weekend..

  2. Toes appear tiny! This is going to be lovely! Has a warm cozy look to it already. Have fun.

  3. Ahah - today is June 8 and you have a gorgeous Quilt - I KNEW it would be terrific!


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