Monday, May 4, 2009

Reclaimed Purpose

One reclaimed wool sweater is finding a new purpose as hats, helmet liners, and a neck gator for the troops serving overseas. These two hats are for a hat drive at High Prairie Quilt Shop in Parker, Colorado. I hope to knit at least two more before the first of June. The pattern link is given on the shop website. I made the ribbing 1 1/2 inches long instead of the 3 row rib, given on the pattern.

These three items were sent to the Citizen SAM project, based in Illinois. Scroll to the bottom of the Citizen SAM page for the gator and helmet liner patterns. These items will no doubt be subjected to rough conditions, so I attached some extra yarn to make necessary repairs.

I pray that these items made from a thrift shop sweater will protect the soldiers from harm and bring them safely back to their families.


  1. I would have never thought of sending extra yarn. Good idea!

  2. The ole sweater looks pretty good as hats and neck warmers!

  3. So many are blessed by the work of your hands, Nancy. :-)

    How thoughtful to include extra yarn. I never thought of doing that!


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