Thursday, May 17, 2018

They're Back . . .

Maxine is one of my favorite cartoons because she doesn't mince words and often doesn't have much of a filter. While I am getting older and more irritable, my neighbors will be pleased that colorful geraniums will be back on my front step this summer.  

I didn't purchase any plants for my front step last spring because I didn't think I would be able to adequately care for them following my knee surgery. My neighbor commented that she missed seeing the colorful geraniums in front of my house. 

Last week, I had some annual appointments in Casper, and one of the items on my shopping list was to find some reasonably priced geranium plants. Typically, the cost of plants is cheaper around Mother's Day, especially at Menards, and I purchased five hanging baskets there for $46.

five hanging baskets of geraniums
May 2018
It may seem odd to some, but before I put the plants in my car, I snip all the flowers off for two reasons: one, to avoid having a mass of fallen petals in my trunk, and two, to allow the plant to rest. Removing the blooms helps the plants adjust to their environment and allows them to put their energy into growing stronger. Nursery plants get stressed, and a stressed plant can become diseased.

The plants will be loaded again with blooms.

What plants do you like to have near your front door?


  1. That is an amazing deal! Five plants for $46? Ours are around $20 or so for a hanging basket. I have never heard that about snipping the flowers. I’ll have to try to remember for next year. Guess what flowers I have by my front door? Red geraniums I always think they look so pretty against the yellow house. I hope you have a great day Nancy.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. I usually have red geraniums by my front door too. A few times I've gotten a pink one instead, but red is my favorite. This year I also have red petunias on the front porch area.

  3. Those will be a nice pop of colour. I've got two hanging baskets by my door, filled with ivy and fuchsia

  4. I am a fan of geraniums because mosquitoes do not like them, as well as their prettiness. I also like daisies. Usually at our front door/planter we have geraniums, marigolds, and New Guinea impatiens. They are apparently not desirable to thieves ...

  5. The daisy I planted in the front is still growing and blooming:)

  6. I never heard that it was good to snip blooms. I'll have to let Fletch know - he's the one who usually buys the plants. We have a lilac bush by our front door and some random bulbs. We don't use the front door at all. But our side kitchen window box is filled with a mixture of greens and petunias and we have a huge purple petunia hanging basket on our patio. A friend of my Mom's in VT had a lovely/stately brick home with a porch that wrapped around the side. She ALWAYS had pots of red geraniums on the porch - beautiful!

    And Maxine is great!!!

  7. Maxine amuses me! Snarky and fun.
    Good for you and the geraniums!
    We are lucky to have day lilies by the front door. I wintered over my geranium and i think I shocked her last week . . Im moving her to the bedroom porch area. I also ordered 2 citronella plants for that area. Im hoping to discourage flies.

  8. That is such a good idea. I hate the mess the fallen blooms leave in the car.
    I'm with Maxine. If this rain doesn't stop I just may be in the headlines.

  9. It has been tough to get anything done in the garden this year. What with work, rain and no time. Plus the winter clean up. I do like geraniums.

  10. Did you know Maxine was written by a man? True, John Wagner writes those cartoons. Go figure.

  11. We have a yew (?, I think), a holly bush and a cherry laurel. I haven't planted anything since I don't "own" my front door. I may get a potted plant to put on the porch. If the landlord doesn't want it when we leave, he can just throw it away.

    I'm feeling more and more like Maxine. I told Steve yesterday that I LOVE living in the north again, but dealing with people is exhausting!!!

  12. I love Maxine! You gave the plants good care...they will be beautiful. Sounds like you got a bargain. I love red flowers! I have my little garden out front and I am looking forward to planting it. :)

  13. I've never heard of taking the flowers off before planting. But it does make sense. Hope your New plants all thrive well.

  14. I love the bright orange Impatiens this time of year!
    I think we need to work on being sweet as we age!
    Your front porch will look so cheerful-I never thought to snip the blooms-sounds like a good idea but I would miss the instant color!

  15. Nothing says summer like geraniums on the porch!
    Maxine is my hero! I have several coffee cups & wall hangings with her sayings that friends have given me over the years.


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