Monday, May 7, 2018

Summer Sweet Socks

woman's size 10 socks
baby hat
My yarn stash is down one skein and the Box of Socks is up one pair (#6 for 2018. The remaining yarn was knit into a baby hat, so there are no scraps.

Yarn: Fingerpaints - Cherry Tree Hill (Summer Sweet)
          100% Superwash Merino

Needles: US size 2

Stitches:  Socks (64 stitches for ribbed cuff and 60 stitches for foot)
                Hat (90 stitches)

As you can see the grass is green thanks to an all-day rain last week. Mowing season has begun!


  1. YAY for green grass (finally)!! LOVE the yarn you used for those socks and the hat - so pretty!

  2. Okay ....I totally misread your first line and almost had a heart attack. I thought you said you only had ONE skein of sock yarn. Whew --- crisis averted.

    The socks and hat look so summery and sweet!

  3. Those a nice and spring-like colors!

  4. Smart lady -- no scraps! I agree with Dee -- I thought WHAT? The down side of lots of rain and beautiful grass is the mowing. We (really Pat) mows twice a week or more right now. Great having a small yard and an electric mower.

  5. Sweet socks and that too cute!!!

  6. Lovely pair of socks, and it's wonderful that you use the remaining yarn for a baby hat to donate.

  7. Those are some beautiful socks. I love the color way. It does look a lot like summertime. :-) What a sweet little hat too. Such a blessing you are to others for making them.
    Blessings, Betsy

  8. Oh Summer Sweet is aptly named! Hooray!!!

  9. What a summery looking pair of socks! Yes I will be mowing soon too:)

  10. Nice pair of socks and baby hat-it would make a nice gift for a mom and her newborn!


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