Thursday, May 10, 2018

Effective System

four scrap yarn baby hats
May 2018
I have fewer sock yarn scraps since I've started knitting a baby hat immediately after finishing a pair of socks. If I have any yarn remaining after knitting a hat. it is usually a very small amount, which results in the colorful hats shown in the top row.

Sometimes, it is overwhelming to have a bag full of scraps, so I am happy with my "new" system.

How do you keep your scraps under control?


  1. That really is a great idea and I especially love the multi-colored ones. My sock scraps are put into a project bag with the "scrappy blanket" I started a year ago...of course I haven't worked on it in 11 months!!

  2. I like the scrappiest hats the best.

    I put mine in my sock yarn blanket.

  3. Thinking about all the sweet little heads in those hats makes me so happy!

  4. These hats are always so cute. My fabric scraps are always out of control, even though I try to keep them sorted by color and cut often into some standards sizes. But they multiply in the night, I'm sure.

  5. I always love seeing your scrappy hats, especially the ones with several colors in them. You probably know where I've been putting my scraps, into the nine-patch squares blanket. I also have a crocheted version of various size granny squares for worsted weight that the scraps from mittens goes into. I still want to make some of these hats though.

  6. My scraps were going into the scrap sock yarn blanket but my scraps are getting ahead of me! I need to try the hats!
    These are beautiful!

  7. Beautiful idea! My scraps.. hmmmmmm. Im so bad about changing colors and weaving in ends, if they are just teeny scraps...I toss them . Shhhhh

  8. Your colourful baby hats are so cute, a great way to use up those little end bits of wool.


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