Monday, May 28, 2018

Reflect & Honor

Arlington National Cemetery
March mid-1990s 

Many men and women have given their lives for our freedoms. 

Take a moment to reflect . . . 

to appreciate their service to our country . . . 

image found online

to remember and honor their ultimate sacrifice. 


  1. And make quilts for QOV! My local area just put out a request for 10 quilts for a special event at the Elks Lodge...

  2. Lovely post. The real meaning of the day is not lost to us. The Mister's cousin is a Viet Nam vet and goes every year to read the names at Arlington. SIL did two tours of Iraq and how blessed we are he came back to us in one piece. Daddio's five brothers all had a ship shot out from under them in the Pacific during WW2. So much sacrifice-and how sad that we never learn this isn't the way to peace.

  3. Lovely tribute. My barn friend Ray, during Vietnam , worked burying the soldiers at a cemetery in the U.S. What a job....

  4. Amen. It saddens me to see that so many seem to have forgotten why we remember this day. It’s not just the “kick-off” to summer that we seem to see now. Thank you for the beautiful reminder and for all that you do for our Veterans.

  5. We were fortunate to visit Arlington some years ago when we did a coach trip from New York to Niagara Falls and back.


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