Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Let's Do Lunch . . .

Ladies Lunch (1994)
Ken Carlson
oil on masonite
on display National Wildlife Art Museum
Jackson, WY
a gift from Mr. & Mr.s John Geraghty
I couldn't help but smile at this photo I took of a painting on display in the National Wildlife Art Museum near Jackson, WY in 2012. 

This time of year as the tender shoots of new growth appear along the river banks, it's possible to see various wildlife grazing. 

The placard by the painting stated, "The title of this piece encourages an anthropomorphic reading, a group of ladies having lunch, but the picture itself resembles a natural scene, a group of cow moose chomping Alaskan vegetation, separated from the males. Though paintings of male animals vastly outnumber paintings of females, contemporary wildlife artists have begun to close the gap by depicting scenes like this."

The photo was taken when I joined Nancy, Trish, and Jane in 2012 on a road trip to Jackson. Older posts of that trip can be seen here, here, and here.

Many people say, "Let's meet for lunch," but they often do not intend to follow through. I have lunch with friends frequently. Sue, Bert and I schedule a lunch at least once an month. Cheryl and I often meet for a meal and a trip to the casino, and Sheri and I will have lunch and discuss quilting and sewing projects. Sometimes, Katheryn and I chat over a cup of tea.

Do you regularly enjoy lunch with friends?


  1. You are rich for friends are a treasure! Wonderful painting-thanks for sharing!

  2. I still meet with my retired teacher friends every few months to catch up.
    That painting reminds me of the deer that ate all my tulips this year. They never even had a chance to bloom. That's never happened before.

  3. I have a couple of friends that I meet for lunch or breakfast but not as often as I should.

  4. Oh yes! I had a Monday lunch group in Orlando. We got together every Monday for almost 25 years. The "cast of characters" changed over the years, but two of us were originals. In all that time I only missed 4 Mondays.

    Now, I live in PA and I meet an old friend for coffee every week or two and I meet another friend and her foster daughter every Tuesday to knit and chat.

    It is VERY important to me.

  5. My lunch/coffee group of friends is gradually shrinking as 3 of the 6 of us has moved away recently. 1 of the remaining spends the winter in Florida, and the other travels out of state to visit family frequently. But we have fun when we are able to get together.

  6. Your picture reminds me of a group of elk we saw grazing last night at sunset. There must have been 50 of them in the field. We stopped the truck and just sat there and watched them for about five minutes.

    I don’t get to do lunch very often with friends. Most of my friends are still working. However our knit group on Tuesday mornings usually has breakfast/lunch together while we knit.
    Blessings, Betsy

  7. Casino!!! Nancy, how fun! Yes, Fireman and I do meet friends for lunch. It is usually less costly than dinner . Im not one to get up early and go to breakfast! I love the moose! I would love to see some Moose someday.

  8. Your photo reminded me of the time a couple of years ago when we saw a mama moose with her baby just off the road in Colorado. I do get together with friends for lunch; lately though our schedules don't seem to coincide as well as they did before our DHs retired.

  9. We go for lunch once a week, it is actually a late lunch early supper at a place in the boonies they have great burgers and are so big we share one. It is just about the only place we go to eat because Thursdays is a slow day there and not many people are around...so it is "safe" for us to go.
    I sometimes go to lunch with my Mom and I have a friend who I meet sometimes.
    Love that painting:)

  10. Oh yes. As a teacher I couldn't really go out to lunch that often. (No doubt you understand that!) So, now when I can I try to make lunch dates.... although, thinking about it, I generally go out to lunch with hubby. Lunch is our preferred meal out -- less expensive, leftovers for dinner, and less traffic to fight. The painting and title are great. I haven't seen a lot of wildlife recently except a beautiful fox casually walking between my friend's house in Columbia, MD at about 8:30 in the morning. Healthy looking fox too.

  11. These days, we tend to meet for coffee although there is usually food involved. Back when the kids were young and we homeschooled, we had a monthly "PTA" meeting that always took place at a restaurant. As homeschoolers, we were parents and teachers and we desperately needed a night out away from the kids. And, "PTA" looked a lot better on the calendar than "Girls Night." :)

  12. Our "Lunch Bunch" from Class of '66 meets monthly for a nice meal and chat. We reminisce, discuss current events and a wide variety of topics, among this group of mostly retired career women.
    The subject of this post "Let's Do Lunch" has inspired my sharing of your blog (which I visit daily) with these friends.

    Barbara B


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