Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Back in Time - Battleship

Nancy & Brenda playing Battleship
Denver, CO
approx. 1977
Judy (Stitch Along with Me) posted a photo last week of her grandchildren playing Battleship, and the photo triggered some good memories of playing the same game with my niece and nephew over 40 years ago. I found a photo in my computer files - Brenda and me playing Battleship.

From the photo you can see that Brenda was a worthy opponent, as it appears she had found two of my ships and I'd found two/three of hers. Based on Judy's photo, it looks like technology has changed the game a bit, but the concept is still the same.

Some games I've enjoyed playing over the years include:
    Dominos, especially Mexican Train

What are some of your favorite games?


  1. Mom and Dad came over every Saturday night for years to play dominoes. Those were some great times. I sure miss them.

  2. Cute picture. I could never get into Battleship, though my little brother enjoyed it a lot. I used to play Monopoly with my brothers, and we all love Scrabble. I also like Cribbage.

  3. We used to play Battleship with our kids too, but not the electronic version. We played various card games, Monopoly, Life, Scrabble. I always enjoy a good game of Scrabble but it's hard to get people to play. Now we mostly play Dominoes with our best friends on date night once a month.

  4. When we were first married we loved to play Risk with a group of friends. And we played lots of Scrabble until I got tired of being defeated. LOL

    With our kids we played a lot of Monopoly, Battleship, and Candyland. Now with the grandkids we've done Chutes and Ladders and Candyland. The oldest is just learning to play Battleship.

  5. I was a great game player with my kids and we still love to play when we are able!

  6. What a fun prompt! You are a great aunt because you'd play the games!!! Kids love that. !! We played: monopoly, (lasted forever) Sorry! , Trivial pursuit and Kids Twenty Questions.

  7. When Stephen lived at home we played a lot of Trivial Pursuit.

    We played Battleship, Sorry, and a few card games when he was younger.

  8. Do you remember playing Battleship with a pencil and paper?!

  9. I think my brother and I had that exact same battleship set - it belonged to our dad so it would have been from the '70s.

    We played a lot of cards. Dad and his friends were always playing cribbage, so they taught us too (and I can tell you, no other kids our age knew how to play). Dad also taught us Chess very young - which made us really good in jr high when a math teacher decided to teach the whole class.
    We played a lot of Monopoly, and Mom loved Scrabble, so there was a lot of that too.
    My brother's been instilling the love of board games in his girls - they go to thrift stores in search of new ones all the time!

  10. Our girls had battleship, it was a great game. We do play sequence sometimes and all my Grands like Mexican Train:)

  11. Oh wow, I haven’t played battleship for years.

  12. Such a fun photo...I love that pictures capture treasured memories. We are a game loving family...Scrabble, Monopoly, Cribbage, SkipBo, Spades, and Set are all favorites.

  13. My brother and I used to play Battleship and Hangman using pencil & paper. Fun times.


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