Friday, April 27, 2018

Spring Thaw Socks

Spring Thaw socks
women's size 10
April 2018
It appears that Spring has finally arrived in the Rocky Mountains. Snow is still possible in the forecast, but the temperatures are nearing the 70s and new growth is appearing. It seems appropriate that pair #5 for the 2018 Box of Socks knit with Cherry Tree Hill - Spring Thaw is off the needles just as spring arrives.

Pattern: Plain Jane with a ribbed cuff

Stitches: 64 stitches for cuff, 60 stitches after the gusset

Needles: US size 2

Yarn:  Cherry Tree Hill - superwash 100% merino wool
           (Spring Thaw)

Some of my favorite sights/smells of Spring are:
    •  birds singing in the tree tops
    •  fruit trees covered with delicate blooms
    •  tulip and lilac blooms
    •  the scent of rain in the air

What are some of your Spring favorites?


  1. Forsythia, lilacs (which haven't bloomed here YET), walking along the creek, snowdrops, asparagus!!!

    Being amazed at how much green can pop out literally over night. What was brown yesterday is now full of opening buds.

    Oh, pussy willows! Can't forget them.

    Your socks are very cute. I love how they spiraled on the top and striped on the bottom!

  2. Wow it is amazing how the colors match the strange pattern on the cuff. We actually don't get a lot of spring here because it never gets super cold so most plants don't even loose their leaves.

  3. Nice to see you whipped off another pair of socks! I love the sounds of spring-all the birds singing through my open window.
    The return of the scissor tailed kite was spotted yesterday!
    And my hummingbirds.....

  4. Those socks or something else. I like how they have completely different patterns on the leg and on the foot. Some of my favorite signs of spring are lilac bushes blooming, although they still haven’t bloomed here and it’s very late, the birds singing outside my window and opening up the trailer at the lake. We have had an absolutely gorgeous week but Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be cool and rainy again.
    Many blessings, Betsy

  5. Thanks to my allergies I have never been much of a spring fan but it is the best time for fleece washing without being bothered by bugs.

  6. Nancy, I love the cuff pooling. Great sock finish.
    Favorites: hearing frogs peeping in the little ponds and streams
    hoping for thunderstorms
    seeing bluebirds!
    I cannot wait to see the leafs comingout on thetrees and bushes. I want green

  7. Great socks, and merino lovely wool. Spring bulbs are so pretty, love seeing them pop their green leaves up through the soil, then the buds open up to flowers.

  8. Darling socks!
    I love the bulb flowers of spring: Iris, tulip, crocus. They are my favs.

  9. Pretty socks! I love to see the First Robin and then all the migrating birds that visit our feeders. I should be hearing the Loons anyday now. The Lilacs...and all the spring wildflowers!

  10. Glad you're finally seeing a bit of spring.

    I love being able to get out in the fresh air without having to bundle up!

  11. Love the color pattern in those socks. Despite a bit of snow last week, I think Spring is really, finally here!!


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