Thursday, April 26, 2018

Back in Time - Early Days on the Farm

Mom heads to the vehicle with someone's overshoes
date unknown - probably mid-1940s
My parents purchased a farm in the Pavillion area in the late 1930s. They developed the farm, and all of the buildings were constructed by my Dad.

original farmhouse
approximately 1940
The house started as a simple shack and additions were added as needed. The exterior of the house was tar paper until the mid-1960s when pink aluminum siding was installed (see post below). A cement walk and patio was added in the early 1960s.

A white pipe clothesline pole is just visible over Mom's right shoulder, and two more poles were further to the right. The clothesline was large enough to hang all the family laundry.

In the late 1960s a garage was built to the right of where Mom is located in this photo.

Note the Wind River mountains can barely be seen on the horizon. The trees in back of the house grew considerably over the years and blocked some of the view. Behind the row of trees was an orchard, and two more rows of trees for a nice windbreak. When the trees were full grown, it was possible to stand in front of the house on a windy day and barely feel the wind.

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  1. Fun to see these old photos. Coming from Idaho, I understand how important windbreaks are. We used to get them from the extension office in huge numbers for that purpose. I doubt they still do that. People from that generation were certainly hardy.

  2. It was a hard life and aren't we grateful they endured.

  3. Our parents and grandparents were a hard working determined group of people. I find myself wondering what life was really like for those generations that I've been discovering in my genealogy research. Wonderful old photo!

  4. I'm sure your Mom had a lot of hard work to keep everything going. But ..... it's was THEIRS and they worked PROUDLY.

    That was back when you looked at all your stuff and could say ..........I MADE THAT! LOL

  5. What a lovely place to grow up. I enjoyed reading about your home and the memories you have of it.

  6. How amazingly brave and entrepreneurial of them. It looks kind of lonely. Im sure they had some neighbors and friends. I try to imagine the color from the scenes when they are in black and white. It seems softer and prettier to me that way.

  7. Tiny houses are back in fashion. What a great view of the Wind Rivers...perfect spot for a house:)

  8. It has to be nice to know you come from good pioneering stock! Very cool to see the original farm house and scenery!

  9. I have such respect and admiration for your folks and the life they built. That kind of dedication and work ethic is what built this country. Folks knew how to to do and make everything back then. We're so spoiled these days and I'm not sure that's always a good thing...says the girl sitting in her air-conditioned home. :)


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