Monday, April 20, 2015

Sin City Knits

My sister, Marilyn had a milestone birthday last week, so we went to Las Vegas to celebrate. Cheryl, a knitting buddy, and I caught a flight from Casper, WY and met my sister Marilyn and her daughter Brenda from Denver at the Vegas airport. After some confusion about where to meet the Denverites (who arrived at Terminal 3),  Cheryl and I (arriving at Terminal 1) caught a shuttle and found the baggage claim where Marilyn and Brenda were waiting.

The days blurred into long walks up and down the Strip, sightseeing, and gambling. More on those activities in future posts.

Of course, Cheryl and I had one other activity planned: a trip to a yarn shop that received raves on Yelp. Sin City Knit Shop was about a 10 minute taxi ride from our hotel.

It is a friendly place, and the variety of yarn was impressive for the size of the shop. Greetings and smiles were given the minute we walked in the door, and at the ladies were very helpful finding specific items for us.

Near the back of the store were large tables with several women knitting and chatting. While we were shopping, there was a steady flow of customers, and also some who wanted help with a project problem.

inside the Sin City Knit Shop
Las Vegas, NV
April 2015
By the time we left with our purchases, two hours had flown by.

I purchased some great sock yarn (I know, I don't need sock yarn, but these colors were just too pretty to pass), a sweater pattern, and some luscious sapphire blue Noro Silk Garden. I've never seen Noro in solid colors, but this shop had pink, green, blue. Since I didn't have a lot of extra space in my suitcase on the way home, I had to limit my purchases.


  1. Can't wait to see all the pictures....what a great time you must have had.

  2. What a great shop. Love the sock yarn especially the purple and lime green. When you knit something up I sure hope you remind us it was from Sin City.

  3. That looks like a stuffed-to-full shop. Glad you were able to buy some really cute yarns. That red/white/blue one looks perfect for you. You'll have SOCKS of valor!

  4. Great finds Nancy. We always NEED a ore sock yarns,!!!

  5. Sounds like a very nice shop!! More sock yarn...not a problem! LOL. I'm glad you had room in the suitcase for these purchases.

  6. Sounds like a very fun trip, especially the yarn shop part. Yarn is a lightweight souvenir, right? I, too, love the lime and purple.

  7. Love the rich color of the Noro. I'm looking forward to your pictures too. I've never been to Las Vegas.

  8. What fun! Good to have a girls trip! Your yarn is interesting. I thought about you the other day when I saw this yarn at Sam blog, the yarn that makes a pattern. I thought it was way cool:)

  9. Sounds like fun! It's fun to walk into a yarn shop that has a group of people knitting. I think that's so cool. And I see you have Lilie's Little Sweater! :-)

  10. Sounds like great fun! Your yarn finds are so beautiful. Next time ship clothes home by UPS and use the whole suitcase for yarn. LOL!

  11. Wow they packed some yarn into that shop! Is the blue Noro for socks as well or is that for the sweater? I have been doing a similar pattern here too for the grandson. My daughter tells me the attached hood is very helpful as he tends to not pull it off. I found some really old vintage wool the other day in my stash. I reckon it dates back to the 1970s! Better late than never!

  12. Sounds like a great trip and how nice to be able to do that with a sister. Makes it even more special.


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