Friday, April 24, 2015

Foreign Friday

Steam from hot spring and torii gate
Southern Japan
April 1980
Japan has a lot of hot springs, so steam is as common as Torii gates on temple grounds.


  1. It's all those Pacific rim volcanoes percolating underground. ;-) Beautiful picture. The red just gives you a HINT of the gate beyond.

  2. I didn't realize that Japan had a lot of hot springs, but it does make sense after thinking about it. Such an interesting photo. I was thinking fog until I read your caption.

  3. I did not know either that hot springs were to be found in Japan. The steam makes the photos look so dreamy.

  4. Great photo! The steam makes it look surreal.

  5. Pretty picture.... that steam looks great...we are getting snow...3 inches last night and it's still falling....

  6. What an interesting and colorful photo, Nancy. I'll bet it was even prettier in person!

  7. Oh that's beautiful! No steam here... except from UVA's steam tunnels, in the winter.


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