Friday, April 10, 2015

Foreign Friday

Bangkok, Thailand
December 1979


  1. The traffic and parking must be something else in Bangkok.

  2. I have a desire to ride a motorized bike. Seriously. Not a motorcycle though.
    I just got off my regular bike and I don't like when the wind is a hurdle!!!

  3. I wonder how different this might look today or if motor bikes are still a common mode of transportation there. So interesting to have a glimpse of the time period as well as the location.

  4. The motorbikes are lined up so neatly. However, the truck doesn't look so road worthy. LOL

  5. Beautiful! What is the pink inside the tower-steeple-cupola thing? Our son and his beautiful Thai wife will be in Bangkok next week. He takes her home once a year and he has grown to love Thailand as much as she does.


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