Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Waste-not Mat

Waste-not Table Mat
16 x 24 inches

Last week, I finally added binding to this table mat made with the waste triangles from the construction of Star Gazer, a Quilt of Valor finished in 2012.

I originally wanted to make something larger with the half-square triangles, but in the end, I simply sewed them into pinwheels and then into this mat. I used the "stitch in the ditch" method of quilting and added the binding. The mat has been laundered which created the "crinkled" effect.


  1. Thanks for the idea to use up some scraps. I'm heading on a quilt retreat and I was needing some ideas to do small projects as I don't have any big projects going on right now. Very pretty Nancy!

  2. So pretty and I love the size of the mat! You do such beautiful work!

  3. I think it is very pretty! Last fall I used waste triangles from a project in a similar way, but added some borders. I like yours without the borders much better. Maybe that is why I can't make myself finish mine. HMMM - food for thought!!

  4. Just perfect for setting the table on the Fourth of July! Very pretty!

  5. Love this one!
    So bright and colorful!

  6. That is the hot ticket!! Very nice. I love it!

  7. I never knew you got that crinkling effect by laundering! It's beautiful.

  8. That's awesome! I love the crinkled effect; it's far less intimidating to those of us who hate to iron and worry about proper care of quilted hand-made treasures.


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