Friday, June 6, 2014

Foreign Friday

Wat Pho
Temple of the Reclining Buddha
Bangkok, Thailand
December 1979

It was extremely difficult to get a photo of the Reclining Buddha for two reasons: the statue was being refurbished and it was massive. The buddha is over 49 feet high and 141 feet long. Note the buddha's feet are barely visible on the far right of the torso photo. 

The feet are over 9 feet high and over 14 feet long. Note the toes on the far left in the photo above. 
Close up of the bottom of the Reclining
Buddha's feet with an inlay of Mother of Pearl
Information about the temple and a scaffold-free photo of the buddha can be seen here


  1. He's so big, he must fill up the whole space.

  2. I've seen photos of this before but never realized that it was so large or so beautifully ornate. Wow!!

  3. What a Buddha! Amazing! The temple is beautiful. I would love to see it up close.

  4. Zach had a girlfirend Cara, All thought high school from Thailand. She was beautiful . Hard to think she grew up in what is such a different land from USA.

  5. I love the detail. Absolutely amazing!

  6. Great pictures Nancy!!!... We went to temples in Kyoto...these pictures bring back memories.....


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