Thursday, June 5, 2014

Back in Time - Family Connections

Dean S., John S., Richard S., Uncle Charlie S. and his wife Urma,
Wyoma S. Jerry S., Ivabelle S., Grandma Annie, and Evelyn S.
approx. 1942 or 1943
I think this photo was taken in Wyoming, but I am not certain. Uncle Charlie was my dad's youngest brother. I never knew Uncle Charlie's first wife because they were divorced by the time I was born. I may have identified the older girls incorrectly, as my uncle and his first wife had three girls (Wyoma, Ivabelle, and Dorothy), and I am not sure of their birth order.

My dad's mother, shown steadying my oldest sister in this photo, died the year before I was born. I only knew one of my grandparents - my maternal grandfather.

John, Richard, Jerry, and Evelyn, shown in this photo are my oldest siblings.


  1. Looks like the dog wanted to be in the photo too.

  2. The dog made me laugh - he's obviously a loved pet by at one of the kids. I think overalls must have been the uniform of all midwest farmers. I have an old photo of my dad's family about that same time. And the guys were wearing overalls - one with a suitcoat on over them.

  3. The overalls must have been a 30's and 40's look. And the boys' haircuts seem to fall in that era too-- probably all given at home by mom or pop. And don't the girls look so sweet? That's a pretty classic picture of family with the dog.

  4. I can just hear the kids....but, the DOG is family too!!!!

    Great photo.

  5. I only knew one grandparent, my father's mother. She passed away when I was in second grade, so I barely remember her. My mother had a sister who was 15 years older than my mother, and she was the next best thing to a grandmother. She taught me to sew and I spent summers with her as a child. Happy memories.

  6. Your aunt reminds me very much of my mother's best friend who taught me to knit at age 9. I love the dog in the picture. I can't decide if he wanted a better spot in the set-up or didn't want to be in the picture at all.

  7. I LOVE how her hands are entwined with the little one's. cool pic

  8. Neat photo. Divorce wasn't common then; my grandmothers were both divorced though. Both biological grandfathers died before I was born, and my dad's mom died when I was 4.


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