Thursday, June 19, 2014

Back in Time - Gaining Independence

Evelyn S.
approx. 1942

I think many walkers from this time period were also strollers. To convert to a walker the handle was removed as were the grates under the child's feet. Once these items were removed the child was free to navigate.  From this photo, it appears my sister took the stroller over some pretty uneven ground. Later stroller/walker combos had a tray on the front to hold toys, etc.

Have you seen these stroller/walker combos?


  1. I've never seen an old one like this, but I have seen tricycle on a stick. Basically, a regular trike, but it has a stick/handle on the back for the parents to push.

  2. yes I have several old photos of them. The handle came off and the "floor" to make it a walker...ingenious design. I have seen them in green, pink and blue:)

  3. I've not seen one like that either. It looks like your sister was headed for a dip that might have been tough to "ride" out of ; I guess that would keep a little girl busy and active!

  4. I love the gleeful expression on her face as she is looking at all that dirt! I think my mother had a picture of me in a stroller like this. She was pushing it with a pole-like handle in back.

  5. How cool is this picture? I like that it was her "convertible". hehe. They sort of have tricycle versions of this now, but not nearly as nifty.

  6. Interesting! Looks like she was having a great time.


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