Golden Celebration

Marilyn and Harold M.
June 2, 1963
Riverton, WY
Saturday afternoon, my family gathered in Denver to celebrate Marilyn and Harold's fiftieth wedding anniversary. The party, hosted by their children - Dwight and Brenda - was also a mini family reunion.

Two years ago, my oldest sister Evelyn and her husband Paul celebrated their Golden Anniversary; however, they decided not to have a party. Their wedding photo will be posted soon on their anniversary.

Some interesting tidbits:
   •  my sisters married brothers
   •  my sisters wore the same wedding gown and veil
   •  my sisters' bouquets were Bibles covered with red roses
   •  the weddings were in the same church
   •  the receptions were held in the church basement
   •  the newlyweds opened their gifts at the reception


  1. How wonderful to be celebrating 50 years of marriage!

  2. Wonderful, wonderful!! Congrats to the couple!!! Lovely photo - a gorgeous bride & dress and a very handsome groom!!


  3. What fun facts about your sisters weddings. Congratulations to the couple!

  4. Congratulations to Marilyn and Harold! Wishing them many more happy years.

    I think that is how most weddings were 50 years ago. This new way of spending as much as a house to get married is CRAZY. Steve's step-mother made our wedding at her house and did all the planning in three weeks. I don't know HOW she did it, but we had a wonderful day. And I can guarantee she did it for under a $1,000 budget. LOL

  5. Wow...50 years! Congrats!!! What a nice wedding picture. Marilyn looks lovely in her gown, and Harold looks so handsome. Nice that you all could gather and celebrate. Yea!!

  6. How interesting"""!!!!!!!

    Love that they opened their gifts at. The reception

  7. Nice to hear of successful marriages. I like how they shared. It is nice you had a family celebration.
    Rebel Follower

  8. Lovely!! Congratulations to the golden couple. My mother's brother married my father's sister so I have double first cousins which makes some very close relationships within families!! I love that they wore the same dress. Such closeness is rare these days when sisters fight over who will get married first.

  9. Congrats to both couples on their longevity. And I love the connections. I think in general, weddings have gotten out of hand. It makes me very sad when I hear parents are taking out second mortgages to pay for a wedding, or young couples are choosing the big party over a downpayment on a home...

  10. I think I saw Glads in those alter flowers..I love them in floral arrangements. Fifty years ..congratulations to your sister and her hubby! I bet you had a great time at the get together! :)


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