Golden Anniversary + Two

Evelyn and Paul M.
June 18, 1961
Riverton, WY
Recently, my family gathered to celebrate a Golden Anniversary; however, my oldest sister and her husband actually reached that milestone two years ago. 

Today, Evelyn and Paul have been married 52 years. Since exchanging their vows, they have lived in Wyoming, Missouri, and North Dakota. They have two children and three grandchildren. 

Interesting facts (some shared two weeks ago):
   •  my sisters chose blue and white for their wedding colors
   •  rice was thrown at both couples as they left the church
   •  my sisters married brothers
   •  my sisters wore the same wedding gown and veil
   •  my sisters' bouquets were Bibles covered with red roses 
   •  both weddings were in the same church - Trinity Lutheran
   •  both receptions were held in the church basement
   •  the newlyweds opened their gifts at the reception

Congratulations to my "Golden" sisters and brothers-in-law. May they celebrate more years together.


  1. On my Mum's side 2 sisters married 2 brothers and it seemed to make the family ties even closer. The cousins were as close as brothers and sisters. Congratulations to your family and a lovely event(s) to celebrate

  2. That's neat! My half sister and her husband are very close to my inlaws, but no siblings married to siblings here.

  3. Yes, congratulations to all! It's common today for family members to be in the wedding party, but I don't know if it was back then. Were you in either of the weddings as an attendant?

  4. How fun to gather in family celebration, no matter how many years it has been!

  5. Happy Anniversary to Evelyn and Paul!! FUn to hear about their similar weddings!!!!

    Nothing too similar about our weddings as sisters...except 3 of 4 of us got married in the same church.

  6. So nice to hear of marriages lasting!!

  7. I'm so thrilled!! My husband and I have been married 53 years today! Congratulations Evelyn and Paul!!

  8. Some sisters are just that close, how sweet! It also gives me hope to hear about couples staying together for so long! I wish them many more years of happiness.

  9. Congrats to both of your sisters. That's no easy feat. g


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