It's Kismet

Kismet blocks
started June 2013
Marilyn and I saw a sample of this quilt in a Nebraska shop last May and decided to make one. Further down the road (in Fremont, NE), we found a great sale on Jenny Beyer fabric: it was kismet.

designed by Joe Wood
ThimbleCreek Quilts
Marilyn and I made the pumpkin blocks the week before her anniversary party. She is using the checkerboard sashing (shown in the photo from the ThimbleCreek Quilts site) for her quilt, but mine will have plain sashing with cornerstones.


  1. I like how each pumpkin has a different block design. It must have been fun to put together.

  2. Cute! You'll both be ready for the cool weather that Halloween brings. :-)

  3. Love the punkins!

  4. Neat! I like the pumpkins and would never have imagined a quilt with that shape.

  5. Very nice. I like the design. What a lot of detail work...with so many of the squares being different. What a fun quilt!

  6. Cute! I need to make this block, I think about it every fall.

    1. I am so in love with quilts!! Our daughter-in-law gave us a beautiful quilt for Christmas, each square embroidered with the name and birthday of every member of our family. When I use it I think "I could do this!" If I had a new sewing machine, and if I had more time, and if I had the patience of Job!! Not going to happen!! LOL!

  7. I like how each block is unique yet unifying.

  8. What a very unusual sampler quilt! I know yours will be absolutely lovely, and look forward to seeing it.

  9. That is an interesting take on a simple object. Lovely.

  10. Awesome! Somehow I didn't know you also quilt. The plain sashing should look just fine. I think choosing sashing is difficult!

  11. I have been curious as to how that quilt would turn out. It makes it extra special that you and your sister could not only purchase the quilt fabric together but piece together. I like it.
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