Fraternal Twins

56 stitches - knit on size 2 circulars
REGIA yarn (unknown color)
75% superwash new wool - 25% polyamid
Intentional fraternal-twin socks started in Denver and finished at home. I loved working with this yarn - nice even stitches and no splitting. I hope it wears and launders as well as it knit. 

Manufactured in Italy and Germany, REGIA is marketed in the US by Coats Crafts. I was surprised to find a guarantee on the label: 
the durability of REGIA is 4-fold
• dimensionally stable
• hard-wearing
• machine washable up to 40 degrees C, no felting
• dryer proof with 10 years REGIA - Garantie

Have you noticed a guarantee on any yarn label(s) in your stash?

The original sock yarn stash is decreasing slowly; however, yarn for two pairs of socks jumped into my shopping cart while I was in Denver. Sigh!


  1. That's a nice looking pair of socks! The colors will go great with just about everything, but especially jeans.

  2. You better stay away from the 'jumping yarn'...those are so cute!!...Well I could help you and buy Christmas presents from you...if we had a chance to meet up this fall.... who knows...

  3. Oh my gosh --- adorable. Perfect color for the 4th of July too!

    I never noticed a guarantee on the yarn, but I do love Regia.

  4. Great socks. I love Regia yarn. I've been laughing as I thought at first glance at your last pair and this one that you'd discovered a new cuff! You have cool red sock blockers. LOL We just got back, and I'm trying to catch up on blogs. Have a great day. My stash doesn't seem to get smaller either.....

  5. These are awesome...think I am lusting over here. It is a good thing I don't live in the cold because I would be begging you to make me a pair:)

  6. A guarantee?! Wow. I have some Regia in my stash, but evidently, I didn't look closely enough at the label.

  7. I've never noticed a guarantee on yarn, but I think that's pretty neat. These socks will look GREAT with jeans! Love the colors.

  8. Those are pretty socks, and I've never seen a guarantee on yarn either.

  9. What a minute..sock yarn doesnt count as stash...does it????

    LOVE your socks and blockers

  10. I didn't know that they gave guarantees, how nice! Hopefully you won't ever have to ask them to live up to it.

  11. Those are pretty. I'll have to check my yarn skeins.

  12. Beautiful socks. I love that sock yarn, although I've never noticed the guarantee. And for the record, I buy about 2 hanks of sock yarn for every 4 I knit up. :) g

  13. kathy b is funny!!! Love the socks. Hard wearing...that's a pretty good guarantee.


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