Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Omen?

An early morning dream prompted me to wake and look at my fire extinguisher in the hall closet. I am almost embarrassed to show you what I found.

Do you see the date on the tag? The last time I had my extinguisher checked and recharged was November 2002. Today, I am taking it to be recharged and creating a yearly reminder on my computer calendar to check the extinguisher when I change the batteries in my smoke detectors.

I have two extinguishers: one in the kitchen and one in the hall closet.

Do you have an extinguisher in your home? If you do, please check it today. If you don't, go out and purchase one. It's important!


  1. One of the good things about living with a safety engineer is those things get checked :)

  2. Thanks for the reminder, I think I need to get the kitchen one recharged.

  3. Yes, I have 2 fire extinguishers, but have NOT checked them! Never thought about it! Thanks!

  4. Wow, that must have been an unusual dream. :) It's a good reminder though. Our fire extinguisher was new in 1995!!! I really need to replace it.

  5. Good thinking...on my to do list :)

  6. It's also a good idea to carry one in your car. Just a couple of weeks ago I saw a guy hop out of his truck and run up the street with his to extinguish another car that had caught fire. I'm sure the owners of the car on fire were glad he happened by!

  7. Just last week I told DH my fire extinguisher needed to be checked. He took it out and brought me in a brand new one. I've only had to use one one time and I was so thankful to know exactly where it was and how to use it.
    Good reminder for all of us. Thanks!


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