Friday, March 11, 2011

Foreign Friday

Fast Food Restaurants 
Bangkok, Thailand
December 1979

Our tour guide advised us not to purchase the local fare from the sidewalk vendors, mostly because the water supply in 1979 was not that clean. However, many locals were giving these two ladies a lot of business. I am sure that a pole was inserted in the loops at the top of the baskets so they could transport their baskets to and from home.

These women and many others were selling food in front of the temple. I didn't see many men selling food on the streets.


  1. There are so many interesting things to see in these photos!

  2. These women seem to work hard....hope their men do too.

  3. Very much a gender specific task in the culture, I would say. It is interesting to see how other cultures, especially non-Western, do business.

  4. what beautiful pictures. you've done a lot of traveling, it appears.

  5. I remember the canals in thailand, used for drinking water, brushing teeth and open toilet. I would not eaten anything off the street vendors either!


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