Monday, March 7, 2011

Is It Appropriate?

by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
displayed at Riverton High School

The mural-sized painting, mounted on the exterior of the local high school has been the topic of numerous Letters to the Editor in past weeks. Those who shared their views state this painting with wine bottles is not appropriate for a school that has zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol.

Who knew that a painting created in the 1800s would cause such a controversy in 2011.

Eventually, someone involved in the project wrote a response. She invited those who voiced their opinions to take a "Walk on the Art Side" and view the other works of art in the community, some of which I already featured here.

The project has exposed the community to a diverse collection of art. They include:

Pitcher with Bowl of Fruit
displayed at school district administrative office
(the painting is hanging sideways for some reason)

Pitcher with Bowl of Fruit
by Pablo Picasso
now hung correctly on Riverton High School main building
August 2017
 Carson's Men by C.M. Russell 
displayed at Riverton City Hall

Bronc to Breakfast
displayed at Community Entry Services

Meat's not Meat till It's in the Pan by C.M. Russell 
displayed at Riverton Tire and Oil

Still Life - Plate of Peaches
displayed at A.D. Martin Lumber

Do you think the committee should have selected a different painting to display on the high school building?


  1. It's a beautiful painting, but it does contradict the school's zero tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs. I'm really surprised that it was approved for the school in the first place. I don't think it's appropriate for this location. Surely the committee (or the school) could have foreseen that this painting would be controversial.

  2. On one hand, I agree it violates the no tolerance policy. However, on the other hand I see it as a a painting of fun and youth and activity, which fits with the ambiance of school. Perhaps an alternate would have been more appropriate, but where do we draw the line on appreciating the beauty and value of art from over a century ago? I think it is an excellent segue into conversations about creativity and art in a historical perspective. The teachers should take hold of the opportunity this painting presents.

  3. absolutely not. I think they did a fine job. Alcohol and drugs are not to be hidden. put them out there. TALK TALK TALK about it at home at school at work everywhere!

  4. I do not think it is appropriate..but I bet it causes a stink..and that isn't all bad. :)

  5. It stimulated the public--and now you can have that discussion with your kids! Its a great painting. I think it was appropriate for the school.


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