Thursday, February 10, 2011

Take and Replace

On her IrishEyes Knitting Blog, Kathy B. invited readers to participate in a Take and Replace swap. She divided the respondents into two teams (Green and Red) which she determined by location north or south of Interstate 80. I was assigned the Green Team (north).

Green and Red are in competition to see which team's box returns to Kathy first. She will draw one name from the winning team for an additional treat.

The bulging box arrived at my house on Tuesday, and when I opened it, the contents burst out. Luscious fiber treats (I can't tell what was in the box because it would spoil the surprise for the next person) filled an entire table. Determining what to keep was difficult: I wanted all of it!

Finally, I made my decision and removed the items pictured above: a 2011 knitting calendar, some homemade cards, a variety of tea, a skein of red superwash wool, and three skeins of Noro.

Yesterday, the box was repacked with the remaining items and the items I added to replace my takes. A bulging Medium Flat Rate Box ($10.95) is now on its way to Salem, NY.

Kathy, thank you for including me in the swap. I had a lot of fun.


  1. What a neat idea for a swap! Looks like you got some great stuff!!

  2. A treat in the mail is always fun. You selected some nice items.

  3. Wow, you made out like a bandit! Very nice swap idea :)

  4. So happy you were IN Nancy. GLad you had such fun!!!!


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