Monday, February 28, 2011

Block by Block

After cutting the fabric, I arrange pieces for the blocks on individual squares of newspaper and stack them on a large square ruler. This allows me to sew the pieces together correctly without a lot of hassle or confusion.

Do you use a similar system?


  1. Yes! Many blocks don't require this, but the blocks for Jeremy's quilt have many directional half-square triangle elements... turn one the wrong way and the pattern is ruined. I lay them out, mark the top left corner block with a pin. Then I sew them in 2's. Leaving the threads from the chain sewing there I add the next unit onto the end of the units for 3's, etc... clear as mud? Perhaps I need to do a blog post on this! But that would be hard because... I FINISHED ALL 25 BLOCKS YESTERDAY!! YAH!!

  2. I do try to lay the block out bedfore stitching...when I don't, I inevitably get things backwards...otherwise, I chain sew...scrappy!!

  3. I usually make a sample block and pin it up by my sewing machine. I lay out the pieces on a cutting board that I keep next to my machine, on a tray table.

  4. Great idea!!!

    God bless and have a beautiful day sweetie! place!!!


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