Friday, February 4, 2011

Foreign Friday

Supermarket Demonstration 
Misawa, Japan
January 1980

Food samples and demonstrations were set up in the grocery store on Saturdays. I don't remember seeing any shopping carts in the supermarkets, but plastic baskets were available at the door for shoppers. I don't know the name of the pottery bowl with lid in the foreground of this photo, but I purchased one and love it.

Since food prices were much higher off-base, I usually shopped in the base commissary. Betty (shown in the blue coat) and I would make a trip to a large local grocery store once or twice a month to purchase items not available on-base.

Customers bagged/boxed their own groceries after making payment. This store is where I first saw and used a plastic shopping bag. Two years later (1982), the bags were introduced in American grocery stores.


  1. Seems so funny to see them all shopping. Guess I thought they would be more like outside stalls or something.

  2. Looks so much like an our grocery stores here and now. Imagine plastic bags were introduced not that long ago and now most of us bring our own reusable bags to the store. Funny how things evolve :)

  3. I LOVE That pottery bowl with the cover Nancy!! So jealous


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