Thursday, February 17, 2011


Dahlia, measuring 16 inches in diameter, was knit on size 2 circular needles, using Aunt Lydia's Crochet Thread (size 10). Dahlia is one of three doilies featured in Fresh Knit Doilies by Larisa Scott, published by Leisure Arts.

One adjustment to the pattern, because I am inept with a crochet hook, was the knit edge. I will use the stitch again since it complements the design more than the crochet one and I doubt that I will ever master a crochet hook.

The stitch, called Crown Edging, can be found on page 86 in knit edgings and trims, edited by Kate Haxell. In an earlier post, I showed other edgings from the book.

Blocked and starched, Dahlia is displayed on my front room coffee table.


  1. Gorgeous!! Maybe it's a good thing you couldn't figure out the crocheted edge, because the knitted one is better.

  2. Nancy this is totally awesome and love the trim. Can't imagine how difficult this pattern must me.

  3. Great job!!!! I can see it on your coffee in the parlor. Don't spill your tea on it now.

  4. Absolutely stunning with the knit edge. Who needs crochet? I bet you'll get lots of compliments from everyone who see it :)

  5. Fancy!!! How big is it? Do you have some pretty clear glass dishes you can set on it?? And fill them with something colorful. I could maybe crochet one, but I need my grandmother to decipher the directions! It was so much easier when she read the directions and explained them to me!


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