Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Time for Recess

One of the ladies in my knitting group works at a school, and last week she asked the group to knit some hats. In cold weather, the teachers do not allow the students to go outside for recess unless they can prove they have a good coat, gloves, and a hat. Many of the children did not have hats.

I told her I had two hats made and would bring them to knitting this week. Then, I found some oddballs of wool yarn (what a shock, right?) and made a few more. The yarn balls in this photo made the following hats. (I did add a bit more white to make the hat in the top left)

It is difficult for elementary children to be inside all day. Now, at least eight will have the chance to go outside and run off some energy. Check with schools in your area to see if they need some hats.

A quick note to answer a question: I use my postal scale a lot. I weigh a finished item to see how much I need and then find close to that amount in my scrap bag, but even so, I've come close to running out of yarn for a scrap-yarn project.

The striped hat in the upper left is a prime example. I knew I would not have enough of the green to finish in the same color combination, so the top of the hat, I knit three or four rows of white and one one row of green. It is not that noticeable unless you really look at it. Other times, I just grab another color and make the item even more colorful.


  1. These are nice Nancy. Do you ever start a project with your scrap yarn and not have enough to finish? Seems it would be hard to know how much yard you need to make them up.

  2. The kids will be happy and their teacher will be, too.

  3. Great project Nancy! I am certain that the children will appreciate the hats! :)

  4. You are so clever! Nice project...nice hats. I teach school in CT and have the joy of being of bus duty every morning. That gives me a chance to see who is wearing the proper clothing on a cold New England day. Last year I did an entire set for one of my third grade girls, only she kept losing one of the two mittens I had knit. Finally I think I just pinned them to her pink jacket so that she would always have a pair (and I wouldn't have to keep making more mittens). This year I bought five winter parkas for needy students in the building...the knitted items are going out to Pine Ridge Reservation.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing Nancy!

    Gail M.

  5. your hats are beautiful..I love knitted hats...I want to learn how to do them soon..
    take care,

  6. What a giver you are. LOVE that you knew those kids needed hats and you went right to work.......
    they are darling.

    Love your postcard tutorial too. THanks Nancy

  7. What a great thing to do - I grew up in the VA and raised my kids mostly in FL so it having really warm winter gear wasn't an issue. I never really thought of the kids up here in the North needing hats and gloves and scarves to be able to play outside.


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