Monday, December 14, 2009

Blessing in Disguise

Last week's cold weather was a true blessing in disguise.

Wednesday night I grabbed a frozen dinner from the deep freeze in the garage, and when my hand brushed against a loaf of bread that was soft, I knew I had a problem. Since the electrical breaker and outlet were fine, it was obvious the chest freezer had died. I wasn't really surprised because the freezer was over 29 years old: it had been faithful for nearly 10,602 days.

I worried that the contents of the entire freezer would have to be discarded. I tossed thawed vegetables and pizza, fruit and soups from the top of the freezer, but the meat at the bottom was still frozen solid. I put some of the packages of beef in my side-by-side in the house and the rest in a plastic garbage can.  I set the can outside the garage door where the sub-zero and frigid temperatures would keep the contents from thawing until I could find a replacement freezer.

By Thursday evening the meat was back in the garage safely tucked in the new freezer. Hopefully, this one will serve me as faithfully as the old one.

I was fortunate the old freezer died in the winter when I had a natural alternative for keeping the meat frozen. I am fortunate that I was home and discovered the problem.

Do you have an extra freezer? Have you checked it lately?


  1. That was lucky! It is never cold enough here to use the outdoors as a freezer, though in the summer, I've often wondered about using the outdoors as an oven.

  2. The same thing happened to my parents a couple of weeks ago! Their 40 year old freezer died so I suppose for that reason it was good we didn't get above 20 degrees!

  3. glad you were able to replace the old freezer and didnt lose any meat..
    have a nice rest of the day..

  4. See your luck has SO changed! wow. Great that is happened in the cold winter! What a lucky brush with bread!


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